Vlog Episode 009

10.15.17 - 11.10.17 - This episode is a little different. It is actually a little before and after episode 8’s timelines. A few technical difficulties with the audio on some footage, but it feel’s great to get back up to date. This episode I shoot a campaign for a new development, attend a family wedding in Langley, hang out with TD and Westbank First Nation, meet up at the Curious Cafe, shoot a project with SK Form and Finish, discuss the communication techniques of vehicle brake lights, get a new Costco card, shoot a ton a portraits, go Boostin with Stacey Z, shoot a little urban lifestyle with Markku and Chloe downtown Kelowna and Bean Scene, and shoot some new promo for Mountain Yoga.

Big Thanks: Natel, Madden Hull, Stacey Z, Jenny Mckinney, Kim Appelt, Doug Ehman, Christine Ehman, Kathleen Ehman, Lucas Tingley, Eric Ehman, Nathan Ehman, Country + City Ehmans, Cashols, New Wave Fitness, Kait, Madison, Boosted Boards, TD, WFN, Curious Cafe, Nick Clements, Francisco Carreon, SK Form and Finish, Markku Luopa, Chloe Popove, Roz Huber, Perch, Costco Canada, Okanagan Lifestyle, Solo Energy Bars, Lumix Canada, Thomson Dwellings, Dave Krysko, Sam Leblanc, Bean Scene, City of West Kelowna, Big White Resort, Mountain Yoga. (bigwhitemountainyoga.com) 

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Music licensed from Audio Jungle.
All other music by Joakim Karud  

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