Road Stories

Currently on the coast of Northern California and over the next couple days I thought I would share some behind the scenes of my road life when on a shooting trip. Each day starts with this. 

 Another constant on all my road trips. Peanut M&Ms of course. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the candy snack that keeps on giving. I always keep a few in my pocket at all times to offer to strangers. (side note: I never do that. 

 That time after sunrise and before sunset. This is the time you need to stop and slow down, especially when driving long miles. It could mean the difference of a sun set lighting up the cliffs on the ocean vs the sun set lighting up yet another Carls Jr location. Anticipate where you will be when the light ‘should’ be at its best. This is super hard for me not to keep moving. It is getting a little easier these days, but still a battle. This is also a first look a my sleeping arrangements on these drives. 

 The peanut butter and honey sandwich is another essential travel item for me. They have some shelf life and are perfect to keep me at the location longer or getting in a few more hours behind the wheel. I rarely buy food along the way… unless a hotel is involved, then it’s all about finding a bucket of chow mein.

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