Vlog Episode 010

11.12.17 - 11.21.17 - On this episode we shoot Okanagan Lifestyle Winter, Shoot part two of a project for Eat. Drink. Local, visit some friends, and things don’t go as planned trying to shoot at Christie Falls. 

 Big Thanks: Natel, Madden Hull, Markku Luopa, Roz Huber, Okanagan Lifestyle, Jaclyn Robertson, Sian Flanagan, Yuriko Larson, Grant Jake, TJ Fix,Painted Rock Winery, Kirsten Munro, Solo Energy Bars, BC Restaurant & FoodServices Association, Salted Brick, The Table at Codfathers Market, 50th Parallel Estate, Xchange Kelowna, Christina Ferreira, James Holmes, Ross Derrick, Graydon Gliege, Kai Koroll, Brandnetic, James Calder, Colab, Dennis Powers, Shae Inglis, Brent Lachman, Accelerate Okanagan, 

 Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)

Vlog Episode 009

10.15.17 - 11.10.17 - This episode is a little different. It is actually a little before and after episode 8’s timelines. A few technical difficulties with the audio on some footage, but it feel’s great to get back up to date. This episode I shoot a campaign for a new development, attend a family wedding in Langley, hang out with TD and Westbank First Nation, meet up at the Curious Cafe, shoot a project with SK Form and Finish, discuss the communication techniques of vehicle brake lights, get a new Costco card, shoot a ton a portraits, go Boostin with Stacey Z, shoot a little urban lifestyle with Markku and Chloe downtown Kelowna and Bean Scene, and shoot some new promo for Mountain Yoga.

Big Thanks: Natel, Madden Hull, Stacey Z, Jenny Mckinney, Kim Appelt, Doug Ehman, Christine Ehman, Kathleen Ehman, Lucas Tingley, Eric Ehman, Nathan Ehman, Country + City Ehmans, Cashols, New Wave Fitness, Kait, Madison, Boosted Boards, TD, WFN, Curious Cafe, Nick Clements, Francisco Carreon, SK Form and Finish, Markku Luopa, Chloe Popove, Roz Huber, Perch, Costco Canada, Okanagan Lifestyle, Solo Energy Bars, Lumix Canada, Thomson Dwellings, Dave Krysko, Sam Leblanc, Bean Scene, City of West Kelowna, Big White Resort, Mountain Yoga. (bigwhitemountainyoga.com) 

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All other music by Joakim Karud  

Vlog Episode 008

10.14.17 - 09.20.17 - On this episode we road trip to Jasper National Park, with a stop at Wells Gray Provincial Park. Big thanks to guys for all the help with this episode and for making this trip wicked. Nick Clements (@lokikuda), Francisco Carreon (@arkkitekktura), and Markku Luopa (@markkuluopa)it was a pleasure to live with you guys for that week. 

Big Thanks: Nick Clements, Francisco Carreon, Markku Luopa, Natel + Madden Hull, Dave Krysko, Boosted Boards, Jasper National Park, Cherry Hill Coffee, Okanagan Lifestyle, Motovida, BNA, Off the Grid Winery 

 Lead Music: Sean Digo - https://audiojungle.net/user/seandigo/portfolio 

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 All other music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud  

Vlog Episode 007

09.06.17 - 09.18.17

On this episode I work with Impact Events to shoot some content for Eat. Drink. Local, by visiting Indigenous World Winery, Raudz, Waterfront Wines, and Predator Ridge. Visit the the Pipe Mountain Coaster at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Club Z out at Three Valley Gap, work with my friends at Innov8 again, shoot a little tourism with the Downtown Kelowna Marina, reunite with Larissa, shoot a few portraits and visit Strawhouse, shoot a little yoga with Taylor, shoot a little more tourism with the best crew, shoot an editorial assignment with Renee Wasylyk, and head to West Vancouver for a project at Ambleside and Dunderave Village. 

 Big Thanks:
Natel + Madden Hull, Dave Krysko, Lance Priebe, Steve Morrison, Markku, Okanagan Lifestyle, Taylor Morrice, Christina, Eat Drink Local, Indigenous World Winery, Andrea, RaudZ, Brock, Jeremy, Waterfront Wines, Mark, John Sebastian, Kait, Steve, Larissa, Revelstoke Mountain, Innov8, Katia, Downtown Kelowna Marina, Jason, Strawhouse, Renee, Kimbo Design, ADBIA, Sebastian

Vlog Episode 006

On this episode, I meet the Prime Minister of Canada! So there’s that…..

PLUS: Visit my favorite brick wall in Kelowna for a portrait, have a sketchy over pass meet up with Markku about the Fall Okanagan Lifestyle, shoot a little fashion/lifestyle with a visiting friend Karolina, switch up my vlogging camera from the Osmo to a Lumix GH4 (thanks Dave), visit the skatepark with the other old guys, get in a golf game with the family, head to brunch at the Kelowna Country Club with the ladies champ, Marli + finally get a call to shoot at a private event with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. 

 Big Thanks:
Natel + Madden Hull, Dave Krysko, Jane Hoffman Group, Markku, Okanagan Lifestyle, Man+Women, Karolina Natalia, Patrick Ng, Dave Brown,City of West Kelowna, City of Kelowna, Innovation Centre, Wheelhouse, Lane and Maegan Merrifield, Steven Fuhr, Kelsey Helm, Accelerate Okanagan, Colin Basran, Justin Trudeau.  

Vlog Episode 005

08.20.17 // 08.28.17 

On this episode, I hang out with the Man+Women crew as they explore the Okanagan wine country, I shoot a little fitness with with the legend Roz Huber, and take off to Syringa Provincial Park to hang with the family for a few days. 

Big Thanks:
Natel + Madden Hull, Man+Women crew, Erin + Scott, Fitzpatrick Winery, Apres Tours, Painted Rock, Gods Mountain, Dave Krysko, Roz Huber, Roberta Cashol, Nick Cashol, City Ehmans, Country Ehmans, Tinglers, Syringa Provincial Park, DestinationBC


Vlog Episode 004

08.14.17 // 08.20.17 - On this episode, I shoot a portrait and visit some friends downtown, return to Paynters market, shoot a feature for BC Business Magazine, shoot the cover of Boulevard Okanagan magazine, and hang out at the grand opening of the Innovation Centre. 


Big Thanks: Natel + Madden Hull, Derek, FH&P, Bliss Bakery, Eric Ehman, Sarah Mammel, Motovida, Brent Giesbrecht, Jimmy Belfour, Jennay Oliver, Paynters Market, Kelownafishing.com, Ingrid, BC Business Magazine, Boulevard Magazine, Lia Crowe, Susan Lundy, DEJAVU Model Management, Nicole, Innovation Centre peeps, Wheelhouse, Colin Basran.

Vlog Episode 003

This episode is all about editorial. Starting downtown Kelowna with a feature for Maclean’s Magazine, a little fashion shooting with Sarah + Kim with Man+Women, a visit to the skatepark, Boosted board test ride, a yoga shoot with Laura Martini, and two full days with Boulevard Magazine where we shoot the fall issue with stops at Liquidity Wines, Burrowing Owl, and 5 pages of fashion captured at Paynters market. A new Okanagan Lifestyle Pride Hat makes an appearance and as usual Madden steals the show at the end. 

 Big round of thanks: Natel Hull, Madden Hull, Eric Ehman, Sarah Christina Bregoliss, Supermongrel, Ava, Kim Korzan, Kim Korzan’s Mom, Markku Luopa, Okanagan Lifestyle, Pomme Salon, Lavender and Lace Floral Farm, City of Kelowna, City of West Kelowna, Laura Martini, Boulevard Magazine, Lia Crowe, Susan Lundy, Liquidity Wines, Burrowing Owl, Jenny Mckinney, Kim Appelt, Dejavu Model Management, Nicole and Charles, Jennay Paynter, Paynters Market. 

Vlog Episode 002

On this second episode I stay close to home in the Okanagan. We take a tour of the new Paramount building downtown Kelowna, Shoot some team portraits, shoot a commercial project in the studio, hang out with the crew at November Project, shoot a new Okanagan Lifestyle shirt at Summerhill, hang out on Okanagan Lake with some jetpacks, and play a round of golf at the Kelowna Country Club. ✌️

Vlog Episode 001

This first episode I shoot along the Westside Wine Trails, taste some Gellato, buy some shirts at Man+Women, visit with my friends at Motovida, buy some new skateboard wheels at , shoot some product, and head into the vineyard with winemaker Alana and her Triumph. BUT mostly figure this video thing out a little. ✌️

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