Vlog Episode 017

Tripping with the Boy, Boosting and Editorial Shooting - Vlog Episode: 17

A Canadian Commercial Photographer grinding away and documenting the journey. Create. Ship. Repeat. 

 A big thanks. Natel + Madden Hull, Boosted Boards, Leatherman Canada, Halcyon Hot Springs, Madison Cook, Boulevard Magazine, Lia Crowe, Kim Appelt, Sunny Taylor, Dejavu Models, Spirit Ridge Resort, Nk’MIP Cultural Centre, Courtney Kneale, Lowepro Bags.

Vlog Episode 016

Behind the scenes of a commercial lifestyle shoot. - Vlog Episode:016 

 A big thanks. 

 Natel + Madden Hull, Roberta + Nick Cashol, Cherry Pit, Telemark, City of West Kelowna, Kurt Jory, Markku Luopa, Larissa Simonetta, Mitch Carefoot, Annie Page, Megan Swaisland, NeuMovement Pilates Physiotherapy Yoga, Tripke Bakery, OGO Car Share Co-op, Christian Brandt, Angela Roy, Glenmore Central  

Vlog Episode 015

I took the long way home and walked the moon. Vlog:015

A Canadian Commercial Photographer grinding away and documenting the journey.

I start with a little editorial assignment at Burrowing Owl Winery in Oliver, BC, then I hit the road to Calgary to shoot some portraits and an ad. Once work is done, we sample a little Albeerta, before I take the long way home through Jasper and Clearwater. A big thanks. Natel + Madden Hull, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, Boulevard Magazine, Eric Ehman, Boosted Boards, Stephen Blackburn, Lawson Lundell, SoLo Energy Bar, Rylo, OROS apparel and everyone that allowed a me to point a camera at your face. ———————– Follow me: Web:
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Vlog Episode 014

Vlog Episode: 014 - More Costco, getting over my fear of horses to shoot some Tourism, a Fashion shoot, and spending the day hanging with Luigi.

A big thanks. Natel + Madden Hull, Broken Rail Ranch, City of West Kelowna, Visit Westside, Jim and Crystal Lawrie, John Perrott , Lia Crowe, Kim Appelt, Anna, Boulevard Magazine, Susan, New Arts Collective, Jenny Mckinney, Luigi Coccaro, Curious Cafe, La Bussola Restaurant, The Innovation Centre crew, Perch Restaurant, City of Kelowna, Boosted Boards, and everyone that allowed a me to point a camera at your face.

Vlog Episode 013

Vlog Episode:013. Join me while I travel the Northern California coast on route to a couple of commercial projects in San Francisco. I think this is my best episode ever. With time in the California Redwoods, pitstops along the Northern Coast via Highway 1, this was one to remember. Not to mention my time in Silicon Valley, hanging at Boosted Boards, and working with Guidewire and Docusign. 

A big thanks. Natel + Madden Hull, Guidewire Software, Docusign, David + Louie, Ann P, Boosted Boards, Google, Marriott Foster City, Lumix Canada, SoLo Energy Bar, Canon Canada, Rylo

Vlog Episode 011

A side trip to the West Kootenays to visit Halfway Hotsprings north of Nakusp, BC and Wilson Creek Falls in Goat Range Provincial Park …along with a few other stops in between.

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