Count the Hats - Win Tickets! (Othello Tunnels and Bridal Veil Falls)

Episode:005 Denim on the Diamond Music Festival Giveaway! + and a visit to Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC,  Bridal Veil Falls and Ikea?

How to win two tickets to Denim on the Diamond: Count how many DIFFERENT hats I wear in this episode, use the comments to enter your number, subscribe to this channel, and the winner will be announced next Tuesday.( August 6th) It’s not easy.  :: ) Good luck. 

It all starts here. The @dahul Show Episode:001

I wanted to share my access with this series but I also wanted to create a platform I could use to highlight some of the people I think are doing interesting things. I also wanted to push myself as a full time creator with a weekly show and all the fun that goes into that. 

 The first episode includes an update on the Denim on the Diamond concert, a look behind the pages as we go behind the scenes shooting 5 pages of fashion at area27 racetrack, a visit to Paynters Market to chat local farming, and a look behind a promotional shoot with Crossfit superstar Brent Fikowski.

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