You know the saying ‘spend a day in my shoes’ … well getting to know a person, organization or a brand can often be told through that just 'one day in the life', and with that, 140portraits was crafted by Darren Hull.

140portraits was crafted through the combination of an image storyline and the 140 character count of a tweet, a behind-the-scene look at a person or business documented throughout one day in 140 images. 

The project provides an inside look at a company’s unique culture. This is an opportunity to highlight the employees and the work environment, which in turn, is a strong feature for positioning a company in their recruitment. Often times companies don’t have time to tell their own stories in engaging ways, showcasing their authenticity through a library of images. 140portraits provides this platform. 

The project started with Gary Vaynerchuck, and has included profiles featuring, Yelp, Nerd Wallet, Storm 8 Games and eero inc.

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